Hello September!

Welcome to September, my favorite month of the whole year. This September is a milestone for me since I will be leaving all the wonderful, unforgettable, crazy, wild, and sometime rationale twenties in the dust. I dreaded the age 30 for years but as I approach thirty I feel so empowered and inspired. Last year, I finally realized what I wanted to do with my life (I will share in a later blog post). This year I have been taking steps toward making my goals a reality, and I started attending church on a regular basis and I must say I have noticed changes in all areas of my life (good changes).

I get excited when September gets here and I feel like I should share some interesting facts about me :-)

Facts about Ally:

1.) I collect vintage night gowns.
2.) I never had a nickname until my twenties (Ally Pie – Thanks Simone & Pheenie)
3.) Thanks to Pinterest, I can now cook.
4.) I am addicted to slickdeals.com (I love deals)
5.) I have a closet dedicated to gifts and crafting, that closet is a lifesaver!
6.) I read my magazines from the back to the front.
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I'm the 6ft Atlanta version of Carrie Bradshaw. Indulging in all things fab, from events to diy projects. I am mom to the coolest high school kid ever, and I overdose on Pinterest pinning nearly everyday.





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