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My daughter has been a high school-er for officially 3 weeks and I must say, I feel like everything I strive to teach her will begin to play out. Visiting her new location for school really took me back to my high school days. My freshman year was easy breezy but my sophomore year was welcomed with her in my belly. One of the fears of a ex-teen mom is your child becoming a teen mom. I have encouraged education since she was a young child daily, and expressed how important education is over relationships. 
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 The hardest part of being a mom is watching your butterfly blossom into a young adulthood knowing college is on the horizon and the start of a independent life is just 4 years away. As a parent, you provide the tools your mini need to success and set good examples. I am big on relationships with my daughter teachers and I feel that helps her at school because she knows her teachers and I have a open line of communication.

Here are a few of my tips for raising a teenager:

* Set family time, don't let social media consume your child 
* Let them volunteer in their spare time - (It's good to give back to the community) 
* Make friends with your child teachers (You just might meet your new bestie) and your child's friends
* Talk with your child about changes, and/or issues (When I took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta six years ago, I had to tell my daughter we are a team and where-ever we go we will succeed - Change can be scary)
* Listen to your mini's (If my daughter doesn't like you, I am not a fan either)
* Always remember to show love 

It's not easy raising a child with all the madness in the world, but like my old Pastor use to say, "Stay prayed up"!

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  1. You a re an awesome mom and your daughter is growing up to be a beautiful respectful young lady! I love it!



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