Short Film "Love On The Rocks" Event

Recently, I attended the private screening of short film “Love on the Rocks” by director Stephen Philms. The screening was at Brawner Hall, the perfect place for a private screening. The ambience of Brawner Hall gave a very southern belle touch to the event.
Photo Credit: Ingenius

The director Stephen Philms advised me that the film is loosely based on a past experience, it's so much easier to recreate the past when have experienced what you are creating. 

To learn more about the talented Stephen Philms, please visit:

The movie "Love on the Rocks" is about a  struggling artist named Michael his role in the film uses the power of intoxication to get the love he always desired. After being dumped by his fiance, Rome re-acquainted with a free spirited party girl named Cadence Kyle. 

Cadence, a liberated damsel, confessed her love in a moment of  bewildered intoxication.
Rome's craving for attention and satiable affection were fed by Cadence's confession to heal his heart from lasting effects of his break up with his fiance. After a while, he made it his mission to keep Cadence drunk, but one night things took a drastic turn.

View a clip from the movie here: 

More picture from the event below:

Photo Credit: Ingenius - Brawner Hall

Interview with an actress from the film

Actress Meyon Mordechai and me

Cast amd Crew
Blogger PeachyBella and Moi

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