February and March Recap

This is my catch up post for February and March 2013. This year is filled with weddings, major milestones, and plenty of projects. I added the blogger app to my phone; I am hoping this is something that makes my life just a little easier. 

So without further ado let’s begin with the recap:

February  2013

CiCi Kelley 
Singer Dondria

Me, Kiwi the Beauty, Lillie Mae PR, and Nikka Shae
16th – I attended the Phaze of Love – Choreographer Event at The King Plow Center. I had never attended an event quite like this one and I was pleasantly surprised at the passion and drive these inspirational dancers possess. The creator of the event is Cici Kelley, she started the event in 2008 as a platform for up and coming choreographers.  Kelley is a accomplished choreographer and is no stranger in choreographing for celebrities. Interesting in being in the next show, click here for more information on how to be apart of the movement.

19th - I attended Puffs Kisses Beauty Event at Adore Hair Salon in Virginia Highlands. Puffs hosted a magical evening for some amazing women. Puffs partnered with Dress for Success and donated $1 for every virtual kiss sent via facebook. The event at Adore was a celebration of the Kisses Campaign and all things beauty. I had an awesome time getting a massage, chatting with new and old friends, and learning more about Puffs as a beauty brand! My love for Puffs grew after attending this event, I heart businesses that get involved in the community.

March 2013

Oh Nikka - http://www.ohnikka.com/

2nd – Lunch at Lillys in Phipps – Lilly Pulitzer - I attended this event with my darling friend Nikka Shae. I just have to say Lillys has to be one of the happiest stores to shop in with the vibrant bright pinks, greens, lilacs, and aquas. If you are having a bad day or just looking for a fab-tastic place to shop, Lilly Pultizer is the place to be. I found some gorgeous wine glasses that actually whispered “buy me” and a few other girly pieces for spring. I’m sure by now you are looking for the address to add this boutique to your shopping rounds list and here it is: Phipps Plaza is located at 3500 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Photo credit: http://www.stylecitizens.com

21stIwi Fresh Bloggers Night Out – There is nothing better than being pampered and hanging with the girls. This spa is utterly amazing; I love their all natural homemade products and down to earth staff. The staff was so friendly, knowledgeable, and cool that you would have thought we knew each other for years and I just met them that night. Iwi Fresh is not only a spa but hair salon too. I did not get my hair down, but the spa services were so relaxing and the ambience green feel of the spa has me checking my calendar for a free date I can return. They have amazing deals as well, and they are located downtown in the Castleberry Hills district. Please treat yourself and visit this spa for a mani/pedi or massage, this will be you new favorite unwind relaxation haven. 

 24th – My mini bop turned 14, she woke me up the morning of her birthday, by jumping on to my bed to tell me it’s her birthday. I still can not believe my daughter is 14 already, I remember just yesterday she was taking her first steps from the living room to the kitchen for apples and now we are talking cars, colleges, and clothes.

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