Book Review: The Socialite’s Guide to: Choosing the right cocktail

I was sent a book to review by a fellow blogger named Cristal Carrington. Her book is titled “The Socialite’s Guide to: Choosing the right cocktail” How your drinks create impressions about you and what you can do to make right ones. You might be thinking your drink says nothing about you but guess again; it really does leave an impression on your peers.

Cristal talks about:

  •  The history of liquor, spirits, and cocktails
  •  She explains simple and easy to remember branding principles
  •  She introduce readers to new trends in the cocktail industry
  •  She also explains how to determine your signature cocktail

This book is perfect for party planners, bartenders, dinner party hostess, and casual drinkers. I consider myself a socialite and I like to drink bubbly champagne or occasionally a little white wine; according to Cristal’s book with my taste in alcohol, this is my personality type:

Wine: Mature, discerning, or you like to get drunk the sophisticated way.

Champagne:  You enjoy the finer things in life; you have vowed to stay away from hard liquor,
or you’re stuck-up.

The book is filled with yummy cocktails to make, helpful tips, and websites to help in planning a cocktail party. This book is a fun read and is very detailed in information; anyone drinking a cocktail should know what you’re drinking.

This book is available for purchase at Amazon.

About Cristal Carrington:
Cristal Carrington is a Cocktail Columnist for, a Master 
of Public Relations/Corporate Communications from Georgetown 
University and Socialite.  Drinking amazing cocktails is her favorite 
pastime and it is her passion to help women create the impressions 
they want, effortlessly and with grace.

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  1. This sounds like a SUPER CUTE book!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Never really gave though to drinks and how they relate to you. Guess I need to step my drink game up. That is after I deliver this baby LOL.

  3. I love to read and collect books in this niche. I will be looking for it. Thanks.



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