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Question for you - Would you like to have a online jewerly boutique?

If you answered, YES!

I have a solution and it's FREE

Create your free online jewerly boutique here -> Boutique ME

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Evolutionary on-line social jewelry boutique called Kitsy Lane has modernized owning a online jewerly boutique

Kitsy Lane depends on independent sellers to curate their own boutiques with a selection of designer items. When I say designer items Kitsy Lane isn't just selling items designed by them they are getting  designers like Bing Bang, Butik Beads, Rafia, She by Sheree and more all at a deeply discounted price.

The concept is simple you visit the Kitsy Lane site via a boutique invite to shop or you can also open up your own boutique and become a boutique owner. Boutique owners can customize an online store front, select merchandise to sell, and stock a weekly flash sale. Each sale could earn the boutique owner a profit of up to 25%. However, if you don't want to be an owner the merchandise is stellar to shop and it's a wonderful opportunity to have a stress-free online business.

Kitsy Lane wonderful benefits, which are:

• free store, no cost of set up

• earn generous commission fees

• earn commission for recruiting other Boutique Owners

• marketing support to help you sell most effectively

• ease of working from home on your own hours

• no costly parties or time spent going door to door

• ability to readily sell beautiful, original jewelry merchandise to your friends and family!

I am still pretty new to this concept but so far I love it!


  1. Love it...This is just what I need! Never heard of Kitsy Lane, and I think this is right up my alley. My dream is to own my own accessory boutique and this is a great way to start. Thanks for posting this! #BlMGirl

  2. Kitsy Lane is still fairly new, they launched commercially July 23 so the concept is not even a month old yet. They make owning a jewelry boutique seamless and easy all you do is promote your store. If you ever have any questions email me! Thanks for the checking out the post! Fellow #BLMGIRL :-)



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