Below are 5 Ways to Keep Your "Dreams and Goals Passion" Burning!

I. Be clear on the Why!

    a. Be clear on why you're trying to achieve a certain goal or be in business.

II. Go Past the Vision!
    a. See It, Feel It, Touch It!
    b. Once you can see and know whatyou want to experience, go past your vision by picturing yourself having    accomplished it. What do you have on? What's the atmosphere? What are you able to do financially? What's your mood?

III. Become the General
    a. Passion is fueled by results and belief that you can be a leader of your vision. Although an important role – you can't be the soldier always working in the field. Someone has to lead your vision and that someone is YOU!
    b. Become the General by:
       i. Developing your leadership skills
      ii. Form Your Power Team
     iii. Being consistent with following through on leads, promises, new connections and being consistent.
     iv. See yourself winning the battle, which is your goal!

IV. Stay Inspired
   a. Surround yourself with positive people, places and things! The world has enough negativity and you need to make sure that you are being drawn towards it.
   b. Read daily about the success of others and let that inspire you to move forward.
   c. Create positive affirmations that motivate you to take action

V. Practice "Unshakeable Faith" 
   a. Unshakeable faith is a belief and desire so strong that it catapults you into continuous positive ACTION.
   b. Unshakeable Faith can be achieved when you have clarity on who you are, what your purpose is and knowing that you have the power and talent to accomplish anything that you set your mindset to


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