Womens Empowerment Conference Call

Conference Call Agenda

March 12, 2012 at 9pm

Free Conference Call - Conference Dial-in Number: (209) 647-1000

                                                                                                         Participant Access Code: 734103#


Talk about this weeks challenge –

The Positivity Challenge is this: For 7 days you will try to only think positive thoughts. Whatever happens to you you will see the good side of it and what positive things you can learn and take away from it. By the end of the week you will have started to discover the very real benefits of a positive thinking, how much negative thoughts there are both in you and the world (you might be surprised) and begun establishing a new habit to replace your old, less constructive.

Topic of the week: Being a positive Role Model/Mentoring

Model positive choice-making: When it comes to being a role model, you must be aware that the choices you make don’t only impact you but also the people who regard you as their superhero.

Think out loud: When you have a tough choice to make, allow the children to see how you work through the problem, weight the pros and cons, and come to a decision. The process of making a good decision is a skill.

Show respect: You may be driven, successful, and smart but whether you choose to show respect or not speaks volumes about the type of attitude it takes to make it in life. Do you step on others to get ahead? Do you take your spouse, friends, or colleagues for granted? Do you show gratitude or attitude when others help you?

Demonstrate confidence in who you are: Whatever you choose to do with your life, be proud of the person you’ve become and continue to become. It may have been a long road and you may have experienced bumps along the way, but it’s the responsibility of a role model to commemorate the lessons learned, the strength we’ve amassed, and the character they’ve developed. We can always get better.

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Thrifty Styling Event – March 17

St Pattys Day Karaoke Event – March 17

Shecky's Girls Night Out: Shopping, Cocktails and the Famed Shecky's Goodie Bags – March 28


Here's a little bit of inspiration to make your week full of joy and promise:

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. . . Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." -Marilyn Monroe

Here’s to a Powerful Week!


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