This past weekend...

I had such a great weekend, I really wish I could press rewind and start my weekend from 10 pm Friday night :-)

Friday night my gal pals & I when to a resturant called "Do at the View".

Here is a snippet about the resturant: The Italian restaurant at 955 West Marietta Street will focus on integrating technology into their “musically inspired” menu, according to Ruffin, who said in a release there will be a 20-foot wide by seven-foot tall video display.

The restaurant’s other features have motivated us to provide a list of DO’s and DON’T's for future restaurateurs.

The Italian eatery touts a “paperless” business model. Patrons are given an iPad to call for valet, order food and checkout.

Do: Offer cool Apple technology. Don’t: Let robots run your restaurant.

And the bathrooms? Be sure to check out the motion-censored hand dryers and sinks with iPads as mirrors.

Do: Have a sanitary restroom. Don’t: Record people doing their business.

Oh ho ho, and the menu? The dishes are categorized as preludes (appetizers), interludes (salads), features (pizza entrees) and finales (dessert).

Do: Offer three-course meals. Don’t: Try and be cute (it just confuses the hell out of people).

Saturday: Was a bit rainy but I met up with my chica's at the Fox theatre to check out Alvin Ailey Ballet.

Difinitely a must see, this was one of my favorite scenes from the ballet!


Sunday: I kept it low key, the rain was still pouring so my mini and I decided to check out a movie, I am a scary movie fan but we agreed on the movie called : The Vow. It was very cute and romantic but it reminded me of The Notebook mixed with The Time Travelers Wife. All in all, wait for it on Netflix's :-)


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