Hands on Atlanta - AmeriCorps is hiring Service Leaders

As a Hands On Atlanta AmeriCorps Service Leader, you will serve at either an elementary or middle school to help your school become a "center of community." You and your fellow team members will support the public school system and individual students by engaging families, teachers, community members and corporations in the educational process. On any given day, Service Leaders serve as reading and math tutors and classroom assistants, by planning after-school programs, recruiting and training volunteers, integrating technology into the classroom, renovating school campuses, encouraging parental involvement, building corporate sponsorships, and helping spark an ethic of service in students through hands-on community projects. Service Leaders are challenged to fully participate in a cohesive, diverse, task-oriented team focused on school-based programming, service project implementation and general leadership development. Responsibilities include tutoring and mentoring, program documentation, upholding program standards, volunteer recruitment, assisting with training volunteers, service project development, special events planning, and participating in Leadership Development trainings. Service Leaders report directly to their Team Leaders.

School-Based Program Development

Service Leaders will assist in the development of all aspects of daily service in the schools. These responsibilities include working with the Team Leader to establish a daily routine, developing and implementing creative and exciting activities for after-school and Saturday programs, providing individual tutoring for students utilizing the chosen school reform model, and identifying the potential training needs.

Program Training

Service Leaders will participate fully in Friday's leadership development, service-learning integration, project development and diversity and literacy training. Service Leaders will participate in team building exercises that promote and foster an ethic of service.

Special Projects

Service Leaders will assist the Team Leader in identifying and developing community service projects in their schools and in the school's surrounding communities in an effort to build schools as "centers of community." These projects include, but are not limited to, adult enrichment programs, ESL programs, GED programs, Hands On Atlanta Day and signature service projects. Each Service Leaders will develop and implement at least one individual service project during his/her term of service.

Volunteer Management

Service Leaders will assist the Team Leader in the recruitment, retention and recognition of community volunteers who serve as volunteer reading and math tutors at school sites. In addition, Service Leaders will assist the Team Leader in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and positive relationship between volunteers, school staff, students and Hands On Atlanta.

Special Events

Service Leaders will work closely with the Team Leader in planning school-based special events such as: parents, friends and family night; AmeriCorps graduation; corporate sponsor days; etc. Service Leaders will assist with logistics, Hands On Atlanta site information, resources and in-kind soliciting. Service Leaders will also assist in engaging special visitors to the program and participating in visits to other AmeriCorps programs. Service Leaders will be expected to assume other organizational duties, roles and responsibilities as assigned when circumstances warrant.


1) A weekly living allowance of $302.50 minimum (Note additional amount TBD), 2) Basic health insurance, 3) Childcare subsidy, if eligible, 4) Loan forbearance for federal student loans, and 5) A $5,550 educational award upon completion of service term (1,700).

All interested candidates should send their information to the contact person below. The application deadline is Friday, April 6, 2012. The start date for selected candidates will be Monday, July 16, 2012.Office via email. If you need additional information about the company, feel free to visit the following websites.

National AmeriCorps website: www.americorps.gov and Hands On Atlanta, Inc. website: www.handsonatanta.org.

Important Contact Numbers:

Brenda Ganaway, Human Capital Manager: (404) 979-2877 or bganaway@handsonatlanta.org.


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