**Happy New Year**

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, this is the year to work on a better you! So often we blame everyone and anything for our situations but the key player to change the situation is YOU! Better lives don't just fall out of the sky or magically appear at the wave of a wand. We have to work at it, change things, take chances, make mistakes, its ok....if you ever fall, just pick yourself up and try another path!

Many don't know my story but I am from Virginia and I moved to Atlanta in 2007 and I took a crazy chance moving from Virginia. I had a great job, nice home, car, no steady boyfriend but a super cute friend/pilot, and most of all family ....but I took a chance, one day I looked around my desk at work and thought...I don't want to be in this same box next year, so I moved to Atlanta a few months later too change careers, start school and work on a new chapter. As I reflect I realize I could have been so much further if I didn't put my hopes into a roller-coaster relationship, I dated a stalker - who stole from me, broke into my car, hit me, tried to manipulate me, had no faith in nothing I did, and would not let me be me in Virginia. I had to deal with that for years, my friends hated him, family despised him, coworkers banned him from coming to visit at work. One day, I decided to move on, I needed to move out of this state, out of his web, because I was to afraid to date anyone seriously.He would hack into my cell phone account, play on their phone, stalk them, start things with them, so one day I decided, let me be the bigger person and leave, so here I am today in my suburban Atlanta home with my daughter and hubbie happily married almost 2 years been in Atlanta for 3 and half years now enjoying peace and happiness with my family all because I took a leap of faith to change my scary situation.

Lastly, I hope by me opening up, I help someone make that choice to take a chance. It's scary and nerve wrecking but what if your pot of gold was waiting and all you had to do was take a chance!

Cheers to happiness and success,
xxxo Ally


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